Fastest Free Download Managers For Android 2019

With the advent of latest technology amongst the masses, terms like Android are very well known in each and every household. People are glued to their handsets in order to communicate to their loved ones and as well as to equip themselves with the latest knowledge.

Hence netizens download stuff on their devices like there is no tomorrow and with this, the download managers have evolved to a next level. Although most of us still use the stock or pre-installed download managers on our androids these new generations download managers will make your download experience very efficient and easy. So let’s surf through the world of fastest yet free download managers for Android 2017. Let’s dive in!

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Fastest Yet Best Download Managers For Android 2017

1. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is a state-of-the-art download manager that is very well designed for today’s web browsers. A long tap on the link is enough for ADM to download as it automatically recognizes downloadable links and files from your browser. Be it Chrome, Boat Browser, Dolphin or any other browser this download manager can adapt to any of them.

Advanced Download Manager

ADM can download up to 3 files at once, all the downloads are done in the background so it does not cause an interruption in your browsing but the best part is it can use multi-threading to accelerate downloading and also offers auto-retry, start, pause and resume options for downloads.   DownloadQR-Code Advanced Download Manager Developer: DimonVideo Price: Free   

2. Loader Droid

This download manager may appear to be similar to Advanced Download Manager, but Loader   Droid is another world class download manager especially made for the Android platform. It can download files via 2G, 3G, and 4G, as well as Wi-Fi and there, is an option to customize connection profile for individual downloads as well as all downloads in general.

There is a cool option where the download pauses if the connection is lost and it resumes as soon as your device connects to the internet. It can also identify links to be downloaded automatically and is also capable of scheduling downloads to be made in future.   DownloadQR-Code Loader Droid download manager Developer: Dmitry Voronkevich Price: Free   

3. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager has perfectly crafted download way ahead than stock download managers and other managers. They claim to accelerate the download speed up to 5 times that of primary stock managers as it uses multiple HTTP connections to do so. To further increase or accelerate the download speed the user can choose for maximum connections for each download.

Turbo Download Manager

Other distinguished features of this app are that there is no upper limit to the size of the file to be downloaded, along with maintaining a download history the location directories could be configured.   DownloadQR-Code Turbo Download Manager (and Browser) Developer: Point Blank Price: Free   

4. Easy Downloader Pro

Easy Downloader Pro is a very user-friendly yet a very sophisticated download manager for Android devices. On installation, this app takes you to a quick tour of its interfaces and guides you so that you could use its features without hassle.

Easy Downloader Pro

Files could be downloaded by using copy and paste method which is very simple for users of all ages. This manager supports multiple protocols and hence its users can download files in any format. It has the potential to download up to 10 files simultaneously, and every downloaded file can be stored at different desired locations with an option to rename these files as well.

Download Easy Downloader Pro

5. Download Manager

Download Manager for Android is available for free and comes with a no hassle very friendly user interface. With over 10 million users of this manager, this app boasts of downloading all kinds of files with thrice the speed of stock download managers. Along with the feature of bookmark management, downloading videos and HTML 5 pages is very easy for this manager. It provides options of cancel, pause, and resume for all kinds of downloads.

It supports voice and speech recognition or search options and is very apt for search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Twitter. Along with downloading very efficiently. You can also share your downloaded files socially using this app.   DownloadQR-Code Download Manager for Android Developer: Renkmobil Bilisim Price: Free+

6. IDM

IDM is indeed a very popular download manager for Android and as well as desktop users. A very simple yet very well organized interface backed by the software that downloads every kind of find at a great speed. Apart from being able to download from HTML5 pages and videos this manager also supports Java scripts.

Built-in Google search facility and the download manager’s ability to spoof browser’s User-Agent makes IDM one of the favorite download managers for download fanatics.   DownloadQR-Code IDM Download Manager ★★★★★ Developer: Mobile Download Manager Price: Free+

7. Get Them All

Get Them all is a very simple yet smart internet download manager. It doesn’t boast of any complicated method of Copy-Paste Downloading, but it just gets integrated into your browser and while surfing it suggests a list of all downloadable files available on a particular page. A mere tap and your desired file are only downloaded to your device.

Apart from this simple procedure of downloading, this app also offers file transfer options from desktop to your Android device which makes it a very apt download managers for people who are always on the go.   DownloadQR-Code GetThemAll Any File Downloader Developer: Nimbus Web Inc Price: Free   

8. Fast Download Manager

Fast Download Manager is the best-suited download managers for users who like to download and control it without distracting themselves from the web page they are browsing through. Along with the efficiency to download all types of files at very competitive and fast speed, it has a built-in browser which enables the user to surf through the never-ending world of internet and download quickly and efficiently from a web page and also from various social networking sites.

There is an option of saving favorite websites which are often accessed for downloading. It is compatible with all browsers and allows you to browse, and Fast Download Manager for androidcan download and manage all your files. Loaded with all these features, this app also has a very cool interface design and is the most stylish of all download managers.   DownloadQR-Code Fast Download Manager Developer: DroidBeta Price: Free   

9. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is a power packed internet download manager for Android devices. Being only 1.3 Mb in size this app is no less than others, it supports downloads of all formats and size and divides all downloading files into three separate parts to boost speed. Downloading is automatically paused in the absence of network and resumes on its own. It has built in browser with history and bookmarks option.

Its interface design with a very detailed download progress bar gives it a very sophisticated appearance and overall is a great app for downloading enthusiasts.   DownloadQR-Code Download Accelerator Plus Developer: rubycell Price: Free+

10. Downloader and Private Browser

Downloader and Private Browser is another very popular download manager amongst Android users. It is one of its kind of download manager and is unique. To download music, videos or files, you will have to access via its own browser that supports downloading of all formats of music and files.

Downloader and Private Browser has password protection to keep your downloaded files confidential and along all these cool features it also has a music and video player for all your downloaded media files.   DownloadQR-Code Downloader & Private Browser Developer: Mirmay Limited Price: Free+

Wrapping up,

With all these cool Internet Download Managers for Android, I hope you would feel your stock browser is indeed dull and boring. Give a try to any of these apps and your relation with your Android device will indeed improve.

Sharing is caring, isn’t it? Feel free to share with your friends and relative. Hope you found some download managers for Android if yes let us know in the comment section below.   5 (100%) 1 vote  

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